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Just discovered this game today and have to say it's pretty good! Congrats!

Nice cute game with "Creatures" inspired music. If this game was written back in the 1990s. It would have made a great Thalamus release. Very addictive and good fun.

I really liked the diary you wrote to go along with this! Always nice to peek behind the scenes.

Hi. Congrats for your game, and for it being the GOTY 2017 winner of FREEZE64! This game can only be played with joystick? I am trying to play the game in the VICE emulator, but I don't know if/which joystick is compatible with it, and so I would like to give it a try with keyboard. 

Thanks very much!

With a real C64 it is joystick only, but if you are using VICE to play then you can just go into emulator options and assign the keys you would like to the joystick directions :)

Thanks for the reply. At the end, the first joystick I tried with VICE (a SNES controller clone), worked. Your game is really nice!!!

Ah, that’s good to hear! Glad you are enjoying it :)

Still loving this game Graham! Played it again over the past few days. Any specific updates in the 2019 edition file?

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Ah, great to hear you are still enjoying it! Hmmmm... From what I can remember it was just a few minor changes. Bugs mainly, and I think I added a 1up sprite when you grab the extra lives.

I should probably include a change log shouldn’t I? :)



Such a lovely made game, character design and animations are so adorable! I just ordered a boxed copy for my C64 Maxi. :)

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoy the game, and thanks for the kind comment 😄

Enjoying the game very much, but am new to the C64, how does one use a 2nd fire button?  I have an Epyx 500XJ with two fire buttons but the 2nd button does nothing in the game.

Glad you’re enjoying the game!

I’m not familiar with that joystick, but there weren’t a lot of them that worked with the C64 second button.

You can also trigger the same function by plugging a second joystick into port 1 and pressing fire.

Ah - so it's a second joystick that is used for the game.  Now I understand - thank you.  Further research has indicated that the second fire button on the Epyx/Konix 500XJ only works with a Sega Mega Drive and the NES.  So not the C64 sadly :(

Thanks Graham for your wonderful game, was a joy to play through!

Thank YOU for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :)